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9/23/2018- Hi All –  As a caregiver for my husband since 2011,  I have “grown” into my role and responsibility.  I had to go through several steps to get to where I am today.  I started with panic, fear, sadness and then full-blown advocacy to find out about LMS as quickly as possible.  I made it my goal to educate myself so that I could ask the best questions possible during my husband’s appointments.
Being a part of the NLMSF,  I have found a new voice –  to help others as much as I possibly can.  This is my goal and daily focus –  to help anticipate the needs of others,  talk directly by phone to help, and be as proactive as I can possibly be.   I love meeting everyone at our multiple annual patient-family – caregiver programs.  I have had many great relationships built from ongoing telephone contact.  Recently visited a patient that we have been in touch with for three years-  in the UK.  My husband and I continue to help her from Colorado, to try to get her through her difficult LMS journey with multiple surgeries and a few setbacks.  But we are with her all the way to see her through.
It has become a very rewarding and important experience for me to be able to try to help in any way possible anyone who contacts us.
Blessings to all,